Celebrating 10 years of success
From Handhelds to Big Iron we have been creating solutions that simplify for our clients.

Range of Platforms
Leveraging the right technology


Our team has a diverse experience with a range of technologies. Working with our clients to choose the technolgy that is right for their needs.

Project Management and delivery
Manage the process using Industry Standards


At HGN we use Rational approach to software development. Leveraging an industry standard to provide quality products and execute with reduced risk and cost.

Flawless Delivery
Constant contact and perfect delivery


At HGN we believe that an open line of communication is the only way to deliver a high quality product. Working together as a team with our clients has been the key to our success.


38 Kimbolton Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2S3

(613) 482-0896